2024 Reel

Xponent Sizzle Reel for my consulting businesss. Selected projects from the last few years ranging from product development, experiential, and experimental art.

Intel Highlights

My team was responsible for multiple internal experience design exercises that focused on the reimagination of the creator workflow and the integration of machine learning and computer vision.

Most projects will not be available to view for but I have selected a few project that can be shown below.

Intel Lobby Redesign

Built and led a world class 30+ person team to redesign static and interactive content and system for the Intel HQ Lobby.

360 Tour of an Intel Fab

Sand to Silicon journey of the creation of an Intel Processor. Shot and presented as a 360 video.

VFX Reel 2016

Some selected content from my work in VFX over the years. I specialized in finishing work in Autodesk Flame and VFX Supervision.

Virtual Production Stage Design

I led a Cross-BU design effort to create a virtual production stage for production and research use.


Intel Short Film

We made this fun video for an internal awards show for Intel where we shrank our Chief Architect to nanoscale.  

Brand Films

This brand film showcases the first integration of AXG's Xe Max Graphics with Intel Core.